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new ZUI! mooey and gooey!

December 21, 2008

happy holiday light time of year!

here are a few new finds in the ZUI (Zoomable User Interface) arena:

*THE* ZUI. by jef raskin. (there is no need for windows) THE = “The Humane Environment” flash demo here:
**update: this link might be down?

Prezi – ZUI presentation editor. a little unwieldly, using a click to zoom.

KDE – unknown zoomability… but i included this because they have something called plasmoids, and who doesn’t like plasmoids? here is video demo, which i found boring:

and here is a techbase:

MooZui – logically soothing zoomy boxes. personal website of Hans Oksendahl:

OpenZoom – fast. demos n download here:

Goo – it *is* gooey! i want to squish it! not exactly a UI… more like a game of battling blobs.
video: “Goo Demo: Core Gameplay and ZUI

zoomer: pretty. and it beeps. uses content from independent servers? hover near the top and check out ‘navigation’. again, click to zoom. personally, i don’t like to click to zoom.


and here are two interesting sprouts of photozoom:

zoomify – photoshop has a zoomify export. tick, tick!

silverlight/deepzoom/seadragon: microsoft’s ‘zoomarama‘ type site:
hard rock cafe, using deep zoom: (did not install, did not view)


all browsers

October 18, 2008

are also sub-browsers.

except the zooomy ones.


August 31, 2008

‘a robot built another robot, smaller than itself’:

(fractal scene rendering)
(zoomy as heck)

thoughts on the tiddlyZUI

August 26, 2008

when i find myself in the desert fog, out of context in tiddlyland, i find myself wishing i had a trail of crumbs. or a color-coding of some sort, linking the path i took, and grouping similar items.

for example, if i were using a tiddly-fied description/compilation/amalgamation of an integrated ecosystem, such as a tree of life, i would want different codings (not a good word, i keep thinking color groupings) for the different kingdoms, phylums, so on. and perhaps a line along the path i took to reach a certain species. a plant guild, for instance, (a concept developing the the agroforestry/permaculture realm) one compiles a list of plants that coexist.

plants: apple tree/ chives/ berry vines
they coexist because the chives fend off fungal and insect pests, and the vines also produce fruit.
so then there are fungi, and insects, and soil bacteria, so on.

so the advogato article on ZUI issues mentions wandering around at random when lost, as information foraging, but no creature forages at random, not even the lowly worm, who, incidentally, uses calculus. they, and we, interpret the increase of something, scent of cookies, sound of water, and follow that something towards home.

so the general thought/feel here, is that when i am lost in the interface, i firstly need a wildly evident ‘home’ button.

and secondly, perhaps the colors of the background could strengthen in the direction of the material.

and thirdly, perhaps a tiddler progress could be linked, with a line, so i could backtrack, and see interconnections. i suppose those tiddlers would be lined up through what we call the z-axis, however it seems to me, if i am beginning at home, subsequent tiddlers will be emerging ‘forward’ of this, and more than one link originating from the central home, would emanate out in a different direction. hemispherically? spherically? all are z.

color wheel sphere

color solids

and if one tiddler were my twitter, it could glow if there was a new one. i’m just sayin.

it don’t get no zoomier than cecily

August 25, 2008

holy gamoley, i just got off my lazy camino butt and tried project cecily in safari.


goin back.

i keep saying things out loud, like, “no f-ing way!”

it is beautiful.
it is, hands down, the zoomiest.
and it’s tiddlywiki!

it’s kinda hung up now, after a tiddler close. (safari 3.1.1 on 10.4.11)
kinda hung up as in had to force-quit safari.

wow. are they still tiddlers? they are like little other worlds.

it is strangely delightful that i do not know which will move in what way.
but i suppose i would eventually anticipate the movements.

you know they say the laws of physics are different for big wide outer space than for teensy us on little planet?

anyway. some thoughts:

‘zoom everything’. so rad.
myMap. i have a map? i don’t think i have a map yet.
fractal background! what’s a girl to do?
having a hard time finding that photo list again. oh. uh, search works. tried to ctrl-g to find again.
if this thing was grab and drag, like positlog
‘experimental’ background is interesting. is that ball going to develop consciousness?
whoa. i clicked ‘view’ on the seagull tiddler and things went all ultra-close-up and kerflunky. and yellow. i think the zoom whacked out, cos the same tiddler is layered now, in sizes.
reload sets it back to rights, with same ‘experimental’ background.