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feelin zoomy?

July 28, 2008

the quick glance at some of the ZUI (Zoomable User Interface) projects going on… :: very cool little mousey screen button :: interesting block zooms (the green ones) – dual-level fractalicious :: 3D landscape mindmapping (demos) :: concept maps (interesting code – vertical bar | between topics) :: 3D Space VFS (Visual File System) like flatland for files. :: 3DOSX… your files… swirling around in a swimming pool! sweet! :: not sure about this one… i think it shows your files graphically represented as pieces of equipment on a spaceship… this kind of thing would be good for hotline… :: truly zoomy alphabet click-writing :: traditional nested directories, zoomable. “FILEMAGE is the new prototype of the zoomable file-system viewer.” :: Ye Olde ZoomDesk (5/05) :: piccolo… “This browser does not support embedded .NET controls. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.” :: EagleMode – not a pretty file system, but it’s got games (and fractals) :: BlueBottle? Oberon? Active Object System? say what? :: draggable and zoomable webpage! sweet! yo quiero!! :: an experimental ZUI for tiddlywiki by the osmonauts. hands down, the zoomiest. :: not so much zoomy as panny, but the wraparound idea is nice.