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feed at your own risk

April 6, 2008

i think it’s going to be one of those days. lots to say. lots to go.

so firstly, tags are getting more boxy. suspect the box.

this is about this here wordpress, and vimeo. both have tagboxes with an extra click to add tags. why? who wants an extra click? who wants to mess up their mojo thinking about the moral and commercial implications of adding? what is addng, exactly? what am i adding to ?

are tags addWords, now?

how we did manage to do that? and speaking of managing, how many durn things am i going to manage over there on the right. what do you think i am made of time? i was jsut starting to figure out the difference between ‘options’ and ‘manage’ and now i have ‘manage’ and ‘design’. is one a verb and one a noun? or has ‘manage’ become a noun. sort of ‘management options’?

a post and a page and a link?

what is this thing being designed for?

what happens if i keep a post private? is that not the same as a draft? or are those posts only published to oneself? that durn thing is autosaving.

holy gamoley, that save box is autosaving. not at any choice of my own.

am i in wordpress world now. did i buy a ticket?

ok, there is publish status, unpublished (status), keep this post private (option), publish immediately (edit). preview this post (?) (am i not writing it? i know what it says.)

oh, i guess alot of this is in response to the general consternation of whether things are being immediately archived to the (various?) feeds. or was that just me?

i think there might be a bit of fear of being left out of the loop. of losing one’s position in the hierarchy?

i feel fair and confident when i say:

do not fear. all is equally relevant.