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tiddler ideas

April 19, 2008

had some ideas driving to the compost place, so i wanted to jot them down.  (from rambly.tid#techBlog)

dual tiddler – one half opens with item from one group, other half holds comparable item from another group.  item to item, such as comparing translations of verses of the tao te ching, or comparing application recommendations of fertilizer.

add tiddlysnip snips to an existing tiddler.  often, i am looking to group a bunch of different snips in one tiddler, such as the woodAsh one.  what i want to do is eventually go through and have a list of different points of view of woodAsh application.  if i had a tiddlysnip option to addto an existing tiddler, then my tiddler list somehow magically pops up…

of course there are a lot of tiddlers.  but an inherent tiddler hierarchy scheme would make it a little more manageable.   what if i open the toplevel tiddler(tag), such as techBlog, and i click one of the ‘tiddlers tagged ‘techBlog”, and that tiddler opens up OVER the same window.  like in the window, sort of.  and if i click a link in that tiddler, then it opens up overtop, again.  i visualize this as different bars at the top, or tabs, i suppose, or corner flaps, like you could click in the corner and corner tabs would appear (as if the corner of a page was folded, dog-eared).

oh, so the tiddlysnip option to add to an existing tiddler would recognize those top-level tiddlers.

the other thing about this potential hierarchy is that it would be backtrackable.  what would be really rad would be if that path i just took could be saved somehow, (with colors?) and numerous pathways between tiddlers could be viewed (ever so slightly similar to the twitter thing that lines up your friends and their friends in that tetric block-maze view thing).  potentialities unknown.