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tag and tag some more

March 3, 2009

so funny, searching for the tag “tag aggregator” and getting “tag/aggregator” . but such is life. here are a few sites for clicky-clicky. (marks?) (self search)

interesting article
(tag aggregators as king of search rankings) (blog search by tag)


i want a tiddlyblog

April 1, 2008

i want to watch cute english men talking about tiddlyblogs.

oops, i mean, i want to keep up on the latest developments in the blogosphere. in the tiddlysphere. in the tiddlyblogosphere. i’m getting dizzy. can’t something be a cube?

oops, i mean, i have a tiddlyblog, one which quickly turns into a myriad of blogs. truly mesmerizing and labyrinthical. or maybe that’s just me. i don’t know. what i do know is that currently i am the only one calling it a blog.

that is, currently i am the only one calling it a blog here, on my wordpress blog. which is a real blog.

why is this a real blog? search engine capabilities. relevance. feed reading. tagclouds. publishability.

incidentally, one of the things i like about tiddlywiki is that not everything is referenced by google. i do wander about sometimes, in me head, and type all sorts of dumb things. then i wake up the next morning and delete them. it’s part of my process. on this blog, things don’t delete from the feed, tho. the feed sees all.

so i would like to have my tiddlywiki publish some things to the feed/tag readers (blog tiddler, music tiddler, video tiddler) and not others (attempts at shizzolating the tao te ching, for instance).

i say feed/tag readers, as i believe the current ‘relevance’ of most search engines will soon be replaced by tag relevance.

so. in short (too late) i want a blog. i want a tiddlyblog. maybe two.

ps. if you, too, want to watch cute british men (y uno americano?) talking about tiddlyblogs, click here.