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one girl’s social network list

June 13, 2008

as of today. a social network list.
(just a quick browse and general impressions of a whole mess of social websites. by me.)


plurk: links flicker mercilessly in my firefox. suspect karma rating aggravates meaningless plurkage. don’t care about timeline. threading of comments is considered to be good.

pownce: long wait. still waiting. oh, here it is. no, still waiting. ok, it’s here. looks like you can send an event to friends. says you can have real conversations. and what are those, exactly?

zooomr: agh! too colorful! seems to be about celltext and photos… run away!

twitter: i like twitter. i’m on twitter. (/rambly) because of twitter, i spend much of my day wondering why the london trains are so slow. (and wishing i had a train.)

tumblr: blog, twits, maybe more, nicely aggregated. themes ok. but no network. i only found somebody because they mentioned it on twitter. i don’t know if anyone is following me. are you following me? are you barack obama?

friendfeed: seems like one hell of an aggregrator. i should try it.

myspace: local musicians use it. seems to work in local community. bbqs, parties. bulletins. otherwise, hideous.

facebook: some like it. i find it ugly and boring. has groups.

classmates: scary.

friendster: popular in southeast asia.

jaiku: owned by google.

badoo: all about photos? i have no new photos.

bebo: privacy levels. music, authors, groups. mobile, open. home page is a giant ad. music, music, music. that color… watermelon? events. very important for independent music. i will join. incidentally, what country is .fm?

linkedin: ug.

livejournal: very cool, but i never needed it.

meetup: weird-kept towns like portland and austin use it. maybe it helps keep them weird. also, quite useful for new-age cults.

ning: green. ning, green. yah. make yer own durn social network. right on.

orkut: owned by google.

wasabi: find people and talk about subjects. now why would i want to do that? for collaborating researchers. i’m all for it. where events mean earthquakes. ask/answer. interesting. haha, the categories are ‘scenes’! how hep!