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is it baseball?

October 31, 2009

is it baseball?
the game in the mirror,
charged with the fear or the awe?

dare we do the inevitable,
with chance at our side,
in one single moment?

what is manifested
in this, the season after the win?
what reaches the stands?
what handles the spin?

what happens in this, our day,
these times?
what qualities manage to reign sublime
in the hocus focus of the relevant?

it is baseball,
and they sailed through the season,
saying ‘bring on the bronx’.
this is baseball.



October 26, 2008

i and anton spoke of the phillies
and the condensed ball of potentiality
surrounded by rules
that release the divinity of random.

and of the only chance
if only there is one.

and of how if there is anything left that can still change the world,
well, it might just be the world series.

and the phillies were philly
to the core,
and they made my heart swell
with pride and awe.

the crowd’s respect for the phillies manager
as he walked on the field
was palpable.