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osmosoft show n tell

July 4, 2008

well, the folks at osmosoft are having a show n tell today, in about an hour. i cannot make it there because i just woke up from a dream where i was going to surf these foot high waves, then they got big and everyone hoarded into the water and i couldn’t find my board but all my cameras were hooked up, then i turned off a television. oh, and i also cannot make it because the event is in london.

but i would like to contribute. so i have two posts to show for myself.

the first is my three-sided die design. as you can see, the civic implications are rampant. it is very handy for fighting Very Small Orcs Who Are Looking In The Other Direction.

the second is a longish musing about VRM, or my interpretation of such a term, and a response to Phil Whitehouse’s wedding tiddlywiki for the spring. this is one in which i start out buying flowers and end up seeing most of the world’s problems solved without much effort on my part at all. which is how i like it. call me zen.

i have always intended to rewrite the gist of it, make it short, snappy, more now, less then… but there you are. i am just one girl and i cannot even get it together to go dream surfing before a pack of groms jump in and dominate.

all the best to the osmosoft crew,