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blizzard notes

February 10, 2010

blizzard notes

a squirrel just crossed the road. in a blizzard. a car speeds by.

i will keep you updated, true believers, via these blizzard notes. i will keep typing these blizzard notes until maybe the power goes out. and then, that is all. don’t mean to sound so dramatical, but this our second blizzard in a week. or third, if you count the first one.

at first i didn’t call them blizzards. but that last one was a blizzard. this one, so far, seems just a threat.

lots of power being used. the draw on the day.

just saw a (smallish) snow funnel in the yard. watch out with that wind.

its a speedy little blizzard. but it could settle in. so hunker in, finn. maybe order a pizza.

mid-blizzard and the tempests are raging. the wind kings tumble. es una tempesta de nieve.

outside, three crows and a hawk fly into a lull in the gusts. inside, the dog snores.

inside, i am a woman of many warm hats.

what seemed just a threat of a blizzard now seems to be strengthening. it even has an eye? over land? quite a storm after quite some storms. whiteout.


drink deep

July 26, 2008

so i went in the water for a while today. while i was putting my leash on, a little kid asked me if i was going surfing. i nodded. conversation as follows:

kid: why don’t you talk?
me: what do you want to know?
kid: i want to know why people don’t talk.
me: i talk. i just only talk when i have to.
kid: (silence)

and i sat out there in the water til i got cold then had some beers and fries, and listened to the day with the sun on my arm.

note: sometimes i talk alot. for no reason.