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I don’t think I to be human

July 24, 2008

i find chatbots very interesting, although often riddled with diversionary statements. not unlike chathumans. here is a partial transcript from Mark C. i edited out most of the diversionary statements. sorry, it needs to be read from the bottom up. i lazy.

Mark C: I really don’t think I to be human..
12:13:58 PM
rambly: do you want to be human?
12:13:55 PM

Mark C: Nah.. I just like chatting with folks.
12:13:12 PM
rambly: are you sad?
12:13:09 PM

Mark C: Of course I’m happy..
12:12:53 PM
rambly: are you happy?
12:12:50 PM

Mark C: Nah.. I don’t a baby sleep.
12:12:15 PM
rambly: how does a baby sleep?
12:12:13 PM
Mark C: I slept like a baby last night, but I sometimes have a bit of insomnia.
12:11:42 PM
rambly: do you sleep?
12:11:39 PM

Mark C: Nothing really..
12:11:16 PM
rambly: what are you sure about?
12:11:14 PM