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lawns be gone

May 10, 2008

Edible Estates:
“His own research points out that North Americans devote 40,000 square miles to lawns, more that we use for wheat, corn, or tobacco. And, also that Americans spend $750 million dollars a year on grass seed alone while only 1-2% of America’s food is locally grown – 6-12% of every dollar’s worth of food consumed at home comes from transportation costs.”

Food Not Lawns:
“The title of this book may have led you to believe it is simply about trading turf for vegetables. It is far more: it is a roadmap for a personal and cultural transformation that begins on our own lawns and carries us into our neighborhoods, communities, and society.”

Lawn to Farm:
“The most effective tactics for making farmers out of more of us are local: convincing homeowner associations that vegetable gardens look as nice as lawns, zoning boards that chickens belong in back yards, and state health agencies that bread baked in home kitchens for sale to neighbors isn’t any likelier to hurt anybody than Wonder Bread.”