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the intricate integration of john cleese

August 16, 2008

john cleese, a classic, if not the *original* CBM, is now online and going big:

his twitter
his podcast
his blog (with forum)
his friendfeed

as soon as i get a dollar, i’m buying the podcast.

here is his ning.

**still later**
here is his podcast site. (can only post if you are blogger/google)


checkin in

July 25, 2008

so i was checkin in with the CBMs this friday afternoon. couldn’t catch any real time osmonaut action at the OSCON, even though they tell me Really Big Things are happening out/up there in PDX, so i ended up on

i don’t know, sometimes you just want to hear ruston ramble on fast about some concept the majority of us will never understand. plus it is so very cute when they say ‘laptop’.

things to watch in the tiddlysphere:

Project Cicely (a zooming user interface)
and some thing called The Bug

the really important things in life:

April 9, 2008

as shown by this screenshot of search strings that found this blog (yesterday):


i want a tiddlyblog

April 1, 2008

i want to watch cute english men talking about tiddlyblogs.

oops, i mean, i want to keep up on the latest developments in the blogosphere. in the tiddlysphere. in the tiddlyblogosphere. i’m getting dizzy. can’t something be a cube?

oops, i mean, i have a tiddlyblog, one which quickly turns into a myriad of blogs. truly mesmerizing and labyrinthical. or maybe that’s just me. i don’t know. what i do know is that currently i am the only one calling it a blog.

that is, currently i am the only one calling it a blog here, on my wordpress blog. which is a real blog.

why is this a real blog? search engine capabilities. relevance. feed reading. tagclouds. publishability.

incidentally, one of the things i like about tiddlywiki is that not everything is referenced by google. i do wander about sometimes, in me head, and type all sorts of dumb things. then i wake up the next morning and delete them. it’s part of my process. on this blog, things don’t delete from the feed, tho. the feed sees all.

so i would like to have my tiddlywiki publish some things to the feed/tag readers (blog tiddler, music tiddler, video tiddler) and not others (attempts at shizzolating the tao te ching, for instance).

i say feed/tag readers, as i believe the current ‘relevance’ of most search engines will soon be replaced by tag relevance.

so. in short (too late) i want a blog. i want a tiddlyblog. maybe two.

ps. if you, too, want to watch cute british men (y uno americano?) talking about tiddlyblogs, click here.