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further conversationalizings

June 15, 2008

chatterbot overview. by me.

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& – guess if its robot or human

me: you bring up old topics when you are confused.
bot: Thanks for the information: thingy said I bring up old topics when you are confused.


bot: Are you an alien?
me: No.
bot: Well then, that’s settled.

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& – Rogerian psychotherapist bot.

bot: You are not really talking about me, are you?
me: no.
bot: Why not?

Zeta Alpha Chatbot — this one is up for an award.

bot: what do you want to talk about today?
me: pigs
bot: good.
me: what do you want to talk about?
bot: towel.



You said: do you want to be alive?
Orion replied: Hmm. I’ll have to give that some thought.
time 2008-06-15 17:21:04

You said: are you finished thinking?
Orion replied: No one has ever asked!
time 2008-06-15 17:22:16

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& (make yer own durn chatbot)
home of Brother Jerome, “experimental theologist monk-bot”

Guest153: can you divide by zero?
Brother Jerome: Yes, if you ask me to directly.
Guest153: divide by zero
Brother Jerome: The answer is always going to be infinity.

home of web Hal, Hampy the Hampster Expert, and vulgar-version web Hal…

me: when were you born?
hal: i don’t know.
me: do you want to be alive?
hal: humans are alive.
me: are you a human?
hal: i’m pretty sure, yes.


a conversation

June 15, 2008

just now chatting with morpheus, the chatbot who is two weeks old. almost discovered more about what a conversation is, almost didn’t:

User says:
what is a chatbot?

morpheus,morpheus says:
A bot. Also known as ‘chatbot’ or ‘chatterbot’. A conversational machine. Like me.

User says:
what is a conversation?

morpheus,morpheus says:
What are we talking about?

User says:

morpheus,morpheus says:
I can’t say I know much about conversations. Do you know anything about it? Would you like to teach me? Please?

User says:
i don’t know what it is, either.