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poor form, little apple.

April 4, 2008

browsed this morning, and its all about apple. haha.

no, it’s all about apple selling more music than wal-mart. and it seems that today this is impressive, altho i believe these types of victories will seem funny and quaint in five year’s time. as for me, i applied to iTunes, for my recording projects and never heard back.

but also in mac news, apple is suing new york city.

apple is suing new york city.

apple is suing new york city! the greatest city in the world! the city that never sleeps!

over a logo, and that is poor form. here is the nycgreen logo – i find little resemblance, other than it is the SAME FRUIT?!? apple sez it is because their apple has a stem.

apple, you are the bad apple here. even if we forgot for a moment (and we can’t) the devastating loss to families and spirit and innocence suffered on 9/11, and the slow recovery in the psyche of america, this is a green campaign! 30% reduction of carbon emissions by 2030!

apple, do you pledge 30% reduction of carbon emissions by anytime?

i have had(bought) apples since apples were macintosh. and apple, right now i am ashamed of you. yes, that is a strong word, but i am ashamed. screw your recognized brand bullshit. it was the wrong thing to do.