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hierarchical tagging (subclouds):

March 1, 2012

some interesting links,
hierarchical tagging (subclouds):
(cross platform tagsearch)


dear wordpress

March 4, 2009

i liked the button that used to say ‘write’. i get lost here. and i am not too crazy about the framey thing up top. but at least i know if i am logged in. i had to join a google group once, and the next thing i knew i had to log out like three times, and once it never worked (the logout).

muy complicado,

tag and tag some more

March 3, 2009

so funny, searching for the tag “tag aggregator” and getting “tag/aggregator” . but such is life. here are a few sites for clicky-clicky. (marks?) (self search)

interesting article
(tag aggregators as king of search rankings) (blog search by tag)

new ZUI! mooey and gooey!

December 21, 2008

happy holiday light time of year!

here are a few new finds in the ZUI (Zoomable User Interface) arena:

*THE* ZUI. by jef raskin. (there is no need for windows) THE = “The Humane Environment” flash demo here:
**update: this link might be down?

Prezi – ZUI presentation editor. a little unwieldly, using a click to zoom.

KDE – unknown zoomability… but i included this because they have something called plasmoids, and who doesn’t like plasmoids? here is video demo, which i found boring:

and here is a techbase:

MooZui – logically soothing zoomy boxes. personal website of Hans Oksendahl:

OpenZoom – fast. demos n download here:

Goo – it *is* gooey! i want to squish it! not exactly a UI… more like a game of battling blobs.
video: “Goo Demo: Core Gameplay and ZUI

zoomer: pretty. and it beeps. uses content from independent servers? hover near the top and check out ‘navigation’. again, click to zoom. personally, i don’t like to click to zoom.


and here are two interesting sprouts of photozoom:

zoomify – photoshop has a zoomify export. tick, tick!

silverlight/deepzoom/seadragon: microsoft’s ‘zoomarama‘ type site:
hard rock cafe, using deep zoom: (did not install, did not view)

feelin zoomy?

July 28, 2008

the quick glance at some of the ZUI (Zoomable User Interface) projects going on… :: very cool little mousey screen button :: interesting block zooms (the green ones) – dual-level fractalicious :: 3D landscape mindmapping (demos) :: concept maps (interesting code – vertical bar | between topics) :: 3D Space VFS (Visual File System) like flatland for files. :: 3DOSX… your files… swirling around in a swimming pool! sweet! :: not sure about this one… i think it shows your files graphically represented as pieces of equipment on a spaceship… this kind of thing would be good for hotline… :: truly zoomy alphabet click-writing :: traditional nested directories, zoomable. “FILEMAGE is the new prototype of the zoomable file-system viewer.” :: Ye Olde ZoomDesk (5/05) :: piccolo… “This browser does not support embedded .NET controls. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.” :: EagleMode – not a pretty file system, but it’s got games (and fractals) :: BlueBottle? Oberon? Active Object System? say what? :: draggable and zoomable webpage! sweet! yo quiero!! :: an experimental ZUI for tiddlywiki by the osmonauts. hands down, the zoomiest. :: not so much zoomy as panny, but the wraparound idea is nice.