an objective view of the united states:

recently i drove across the united states, i made notes of the things i saw along the way.  at first i listed things according to which state i was in, but quickly the lines blur.

an objective view of the united states:

yellow pine
boiled peanuts
catfish houses

billboards for health care plans

high school football
yellowing tobacco
the smell of skunk

billboards for crop chemicals

mahogany sumac
bright orange monkey flower
fireworks fireworks fireworks

heat dried corn
velvet green cotton

homemade pies and hot plate lunches

red tail hawk
yellow-headed turtle
a dead armadillo

quarter horses and longhorn cattle

red red rock
old pop tops

sunny yellow flowers
night hawks at dawn
hot air balloons

stellar jays
fry bread

freight trains
pinyon pines

sunny yellow flowers

palos verde
a chipmunk

a fresh sweet breeze
and a vast new sea



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