The Hanyu Da Zidian, defines twenty meanings for de 德, translatable as

* 1. Rise, go up, climb, ascend. [升; 登.]
* 2. Morals, morality, virtue, personal conduct, moral integrity, honor. [道德, 品行, 节操.]
* 3. Denoting a wise/enlightened person with moral character. [指有道德的贤明之人.]
* 4. Kindness, favor, grace, graciousness. [恩惠, 恩德.]
* 5. Grateful, gratefulness, thankful, indebted. [感恩, 感激.]
* 6. Benevolent rule, good government, good instruction. [德政, 善教.]
* 7. Objective regulations/rules. [客观规律.]
* 8. Quality, nature, basic character, characteristics, attribute. [性质; 属性.]
* 9. Intention, purpose, heart, mind. For example: “Be of one heart and mind”. [心意. 如:一心一德.]
* 10. In Five Phases theory, a reference to seasonally productive energy/air. [五行说指四季的旺气.]
* 11. First growth, initial stage, beginning of something. [始生; 事物的开始.]
* 12. A phoenix-head pattern/decoration. [凤凰头上的花纹.]
* 13. Blessings, good fortune, happiness, resulting from benevolent actions. [福, 善庆的事.]
* 14. Used for zhí “straight, just”. [通 “直 (zhí)”.]
* 15. Used for zhí “to plant, grow, establish”. Plant a tree. [通 “植 (zhí)”. 立木.]
* 16. Used for “get, obtain, result in”. [通 “得”.]
* 17. A national name. An abbreviation for the Republic of Germany during World War II. [国名. 第二次世界大战结束前的德意志联邦的简称.]
* 18. A star name. [星名.]
* 19. A river name. Another name for the Yellow River. [水名. 黄河之别名.]
* 20. A surname. [姓.]


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