full steam ahead

i mean, really.

still here. still imperfect. still cruisin by on hope and love and faith in gods green earth and in the american way.

partly cos that’s just the way i am.

feed at your own risk.

high risk of obfuscation, today.

hard to say.

maybe only what. maybe only nothing.

you see, it is not that there is no nothing, but that the nothing disappears when you try to talk about it.

well, there may not be nothing, but there really is no zero. if you can’t divide by it, it ain’t there. hence, no zero. hence, no hence.

not dividing by zero throws everything off in calculus. differential or integral, i could not say. i found the two seamless, and lovely, except for that pesky limit that does not exist. if one does not exist, perhaps none of them do.

or perhaps we could redefine the concept of division. or develop a math that is less divisive. a math for the people.

and what could be less divisive than no dividing? riddle me that, mathmatados.

well, that’s it, i guess. full steam ahead. towards the one day.


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