may it is now.

so i went to the open mic band jam night at the steer inn. and they have a real fake steer, which i respect. and styler has taken over the open night, and i played one song, but the frogs, they sang more. still singing, if i am any judge of frogs. and judge not frogs, lest ye be judged, that’s what i say.

the frogs were hopping across the road, on the way home, and earlier, i think there was a fire on 1st street, which is called something else, instead.

but the thing i had to say was about the still before the wind, and way it hung around, that stillness, being still, like it does, and how the town wakens for the season.

the town wakens, bike shop by pit beef stand by sandwich shop, all down the line, guessing the weekend from the weather and from the news.

news of the economy. bad. all bad. but the grass is green, the garlic is high, and the strawberries are budding out.

may it is now.


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