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so in tech news today, @psd was labeled a celebrity by http://twanalyst.com/, and boy was he rankled. and i don’t blame him. that’s a helluva thing to do to someone. glad they didn’t do that to me, they just called me a boffin. in bold. all like that.

sensible tips, too, they give you. they told me i should reply back to people, so i replied to @psd and told him i didn’t think he was a celebrity. he might be even more rankled now, i don’t know. he’s probably wondering where he fits in his poster, and drawing himself in, all rankled.

boy, i sure do hope ‘rankled’ doesn’t mean something completely different in London.

so then i watch an incredible (but boggy) CNN video from my friend george, who works at barefoot press where they printed beautiful money for this town pittsville in north carolina. here’s the video:
and here’s the story:

apparently it is legal to print your own currency, and we just forgot about it.

well, that’s all for now. more news later.


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