spring time

the rabbits scattered as i pulled in the drive. there is much clover to enjoy. me, i don’t know why entire yards are not made of clover, instead of grass. are we carrying some torch for versailles? nothing against versailles. versailles is very very beautiful, and in the backyard there is a carousel and a crepe stand.

but we need food, not lawns. food for rabbits, at least, why not? they look so cute, and are always chewing.

and our president went to london and got in a fight with the british prime minister? won the lost the what? who even knows. like it was only our banks. pshaw.

hell, they told us AIG had to be bailed out because it was so international. and that isn’t even a bank. i don’t think it is a bank. what’s a bank?

what do i know.

we have, here, in the states, what we call a funny sense of humor. just ask robert M. persig.

no, really, persig wrote a book called lila that is like reading zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance at the age of eight.


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