the magic of radio

listening to has drawn me to thought about the magic of radio.

the magic of radio now. present day radio. i’m talking cutting edge stuff.
the land where the ocean meets the shore.
i would think of things i never thought before.
and then i’d sit, and think some more.

for those of you who are confused, that was a reverse wizard of the oz scarecrow song.

but why, oh why, is radio so magic?

i listen now and i am live, alive, in portland, in brighton, in columbus, ohio. and dare i dream of the baja desert?

i listen now and hear the soul and times of another, i hear myself, i hear the dog snoring and the washing machine.

i listen and i am now, i am once again or perhaps for the very first time what was i talking about?

i listen and i am now, now.

that’s the magic of radio, the magic of we.


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