new ZUI! mooey and gooey!

happy holiday light time of year!

here are a few new finds in the ZUI (Zoomable User Interface) arena:

*THE* ZUI. by jef raskin. (there is no need for windows) THE = “The Humane Environment” flash demo here:
**update: this link might be down?

Prezi – ZUI presentation editor. a little unwieldly, using a click to zoom.

KDE – unknown zoomability… but i included this because they have something called plasmoids, and who doesn’t like plasmoids? here is video demo, which i found boring:

and here is a techbase:

MooZui – logically soothing zoomy boxes. personal website of Hans Oksendahl:

OpenZoom – fast. demos n download here:

Goo – it *is* gooey! i want to squish it! not exactly a UI… more like a game of battling blobs.
video: “Goo Demo: Core Gameplay and ZUI

zoomer: pretty. and it beeps. uses content from independent servers? hover near the top and check out ‘navigation’. again, click to zoom. personally, i don’t like to click to zoom.


and here are two interesting sprouts of photozoom:

zoomify – photoshop has a zoomify export. tick, tick!

silverlight/deepzoom/seadragon: microsoft’s ‘zoomarama‘ type site:
hard rock cafe, using deep zoom: (did not install, did not view)


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One Response to “new ZUI! mooey and gooey!”

  1. Aaron Kagan Says:


    The pineapple vinegar cheesecake sounds fascinating – can you write something up with photo and send it to me as a guest post?


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