what it is

documentation of process. externalized, transparent. the thing (experiment) being done, filmed, uploaded, opened to public forum.

such as with these experiments:

sand/wind studies as applies to dune-building on a barrier island. sculpture design contest, entries are built along a stretch of beach, documented for a period of time. resultant movie includes global wind patterns.  finalists use experiment findings to build dune restoration installation.  continual documentation.  webcam.  annual studies.  all posted online.  development of website forum for other beaches.  mapping.  integration.

a study of the moisture content of soils, under lawngrass of various heights. time-lapse photography.

cooking series of the handing down of recipes.

the evolution of a skate ramp.

the music of a neighborhood. residents play, record. develop.

there are more.

but what it is is documentation of process, opened to public forum. such as with the grass experiment. others searching for organic golf alternatives would have access to other’s experiments, and be able to show their own. in words and form.

but how to pay, and how to earn?

what is the end product? is it consumable? watchable? mildly entertaining?

what is it, really?


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