what is the first step of design?

today, i tend to think it is ideating. but perhaps i just want to ideate. perhaps i want to laze around, and watch the trees go by.

or is it i who goes by the trees?

today i think of when it’s time to take it to the bank. what does that mean? how many farmers (landowners?) have sat in that uncomfortable chair before me?

do i dare disturb?

just tryin to understand
the lay of the land

better start a rock band

so what i was going to do is run this openmic, cept record it. cept put together combinations.

maybe on thursdays.

maybe i could bring some old raleigh porch music up around here.

but the designs. the designs are for the yard of native grasses, the forest garden, and a couple three organic golf experiments. i have locations. i will document. daily online updates of a quizzical tone. no, really, there will be a quiz.

i have about a thousand pounds of stuff to organize today. i clearly have too many things.

so, as well, there is the CSA with the farm meetings. i’d bet there’s a fiddle player around here. plus jelly, and pie.

the productions are endless
the producing of produce productive

last night there was this guy who lost his business when he tried to renegotiate due to high gas prices, but walmart hired mexicans instead. so his wife paid the bills for a few months, then said get a job or get out. true story.

for real.

and i wonder if all that bailout money could have gone to small businesses. small banks lending to the local community. like here, but when the farmer’s bank makes farm loans. here, now, it has to be a business loan. and restaurants are risky. in mexico, if you want to serve food to people, you put a sign by the street. in mexico i painted a such a sign for a lady. once, at her restaurant, a bee flew in and banged against the window, over and over. i, being an animal trainer, tried to coax the bee onto a fork. at least i think it was a fork. could have been a pen. well eventually, the bee climbed on, and i let him out, but only after much buzzings. so virginia said something about that bee, then i said, “he was angry.”

i am beginning to wonder if i have an assigned individual to my credit card account, and they sit around and see when they can ding me. seriously, i have to check every day. or maybe it’s a computer.

i don’t think i to be human


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