perhaps the first step of design

is rambling.

perhaps it is twenty years of rolling on down the road.

perhaps it is naming the thing.

in dog training, you teach the word (name) after the dog knows the behavior.  the behavior is body awareness.  we humans look at our hands.  sometimes dog’s don’t know how to make a conscious movement, just by thinking about it.  then they learn to.  then they learn fast.

most animal communication is body language, so the idea that we must repeat a word over and over is incorrect.  we do not have to speak, and certainly not loudly.  we can even whisper.  they have good ears.

my little dog is so blind now, and deaf, and i think she is losing her sense of smell, because now she bumps into the cheetos.  old beau, tho, he never lost his sense of smell.  it would wake him up, any food would.  then he’d start thumping his tail, scratching the floor as he tried to get up.  he’d lurch around the house, bumping into stuff.  dear old beau.


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