welcome bikers

so the old guy at the quickie mart was just telling me about the pills for not smoking, and how a bunch of veterans went and shot themselves on those pills, and i knew of a couple who couldn’t sleep and had bad dreams, so he said he figured it takes fifteen seconds to shoot yourself, and fifteen years to die of smoking, so he kept smoking.

and lots of troopers out and lots of cars pulled over, and some bikes.

it’s bike week and the signs say, ‘welcome bikers’, and ‘please ride quiet’.

and i see one biker, out alone, parked by a dumpster, sort of looking down, and i think, ‘some girl’s going to like that biker, because of his spirit’.

i think of the town today, with all of its spirit, and there are one hundred thousand spirits in the town today, because it’s bike week.

and the old guy and i were talking about smoking, and i said, yeah, it’s a monkey on your back, and he said in his case it was a gorilla.


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