and it is falltime, and the tourists have left, but some are left still. and the times are changing, and tuesday is wednesday, and thursday is probably friday somewhere, but not at this bar, cos the table was open and there was room to move around.

and i remembered my rail shots, a little bit, and some weird guy asked where the best place to get body piercing was, and we told him, then we watched the ufos.

and football was on. football is a constant noise.

american football, that is. soccer is more like four hours of maybe getting to the goal, but it is much more styley. except for the head-butting.

well this is redskin territory, but there are some steeler bars. and ravens. but whatever. the colts are gone.

and the fat air dumped salt on my car, and i watched the wipers streak it up, and the night cars roll by on philadelphia avenue. when the wind kicks up you have to be careful on that road because the dumpsters roll into the street. pretty fast, too. we are always driving around trash cans in the winter here. we like it.


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