a thing about trees

pete, the speedy one, was telling me today about a friend of his who has cut down trees before, and had water whoosh up out the hollow center.

and we talked about mulch, as i spent the day in the ponds, haulin weeds.

but there are no weeds.

and i learned a thing about thistle. bumblebees like thistle. love it. and thistle seeds are downy, especially the ones of this variety, the downy thistle. thistles are also quite thistley, making for unreachable downy balls of thistle seeds nestled deep within the prickers.

even though one dare not often question the intentions of the downy thistle, i can’t help but wonder why a plant would go through the trouble of having blowable, wind-scattered seeds, then trap them all again amongst one’s prickers. perhaps the answer will become evident in the fall, when everything dries up.

and when it gets windy.

we should be careful of our bumblebees. i hear in the UK, they are missing one. one entire species, i mean. and bumblebees are good, good, good.


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