it don’t get no zoomier than cecily

holy gamoley, i just got off my lazy camino butt and tried project cecily in safari.


goin back.

i keep saying things out loud, like, “no f-ing way!”

it is beautiful.
it is, hands down, the zoomiest.
and it’s tiddlywiki!

it’s kinda hung up now, after a tiddler close. (safari 3.1.1 on 10.4.11)
kinda hung up as in had to force-quit safari.

wow. are they still tiddlers? they are like little other worlds.

it is strangely delightful that i do not know which will move in what way.
but i suppose i would eventually anticipate the movements.

you know they say the laws of physics are different for big wide outer space than for teensy us on little planet?

anyway. some thoughts:

‘zoom everything’. so rad.
myMap. i have a map? i don’t think i have a map yet.
fractal background! what’s a girl to do?
having a hard time finding that photo list again. oh. uh, search works. tried to ctrl-g to find again.
if this thing was grab and drag, like positlog
‘experimental’ background is interesting. is that ball going to develop consciousness?
whoa. i clicked ‘view’ on the seagull tiddler and things went all ultra-close-up and kerflunky. and yellow. i think the zoom whacked out, cos the same tiddler is layered now, in sizes.
reload sets it back to rights, with same ‘experimental’ background.


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