what is my blog?

my blog is easy to get to. to get to the writing part. my blog is where i write.

writing is tenuous. my blog does not mess up my mojo.

mojo is fragile.

my twitter is where i spit out little blurbs. my friends choose whether they want to listen, and i choose to listen to them. it makes me feel connected, it gives me hope, and makes me happy.

my tiddlyspot is where i spread my wings, and attempt ultra-dimensionality. some concepts, such as the tree of life (integrated ecosystem descriptions) demand more dimensionality.

my photo site is the easiest one to put up photos, my video site is the easiest way to put up videos (and my other video site has the best quality), and my music site is the mainline path to market.

all, hopefully, have good society.

my blog is easy to get to. and it is where i can write what i write, even if i don’t know what or why.

it is the intricate integration of john cleese that reminded me of this idea – the amalgamation of socials.

when my OS is my browser, my socials will all be there.


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